Steerhead Wall Art

I wanted to post a picture or two of the steerhead wall pieces I like to make. I buy frames from flea markets, secondhand shops and other like institutions and back them with masonite and paper, then attach the steerheads and finish with acrylic paint. The story behind them is that about 17 years ago I was teaching high school art in a small east Texas town and there came a day when we needed to decorate our door for an alma mater contest. Being a Longhorn, the inspiration for the steerheads was born and we won the contest. Not wanting to throw away the precious little creations I decided to make them into a large wall piece for my dad for Christmas, so I did. The original is still around and hanging at my sister’s house and of course is not for sale. I sold out of my small wall pieces at the recent show, but have a stack of frames and steerheads ready for new constructions. They are made with one to fifteen steerheads.