Alone Star Jewelry

New Kiln

It has been a while but an update is definitely due on the last post made regarding firing of Fast Fire bronze clay. I have gotten a new kiln that apparently has made the difference in firing this and others bronze clays, so if you are having problems, heed the read.

I decided to contact Cindy Silas, the developer of the clay giving me the struggle, Aureus Bright bronze , but of course it was not the clay’s problem that it couldn’t sinter after going through the FF process. Dumb me–really. More on that later. I can’t say more than that Cindy was accessible and full of information–a truly nice person (obviously having a great time making jewelry). She gave great information that I would love to pass on. But the short story is that after these communications, my supportive husband pushed me to get a new kiln. My SC2 was at least 2 decades old; I did replace the thermocouple, which made a difference, but there were two other items that were next in line for failing. The temperature controller was showing more issues than just being 50 degrees off over time, and the muffle (white casing inside the kiln that holds the elements) was another thought. Glady, thermocouples are inexpensive, but not the last two items. We began to consider that the money spent to replace those and possibly the underwiring might come too close to the cost of a new kiln. Enter my SC2 Pro, which I purchased online from Kiln Frog.

It’s basically dreamy, and when I bent that first test strip of Fast Fire bronze I just knew it would break. My husband was standing beside me. He acted like it was no big deal but he was decided on the new kiln way before I was and knew it would solve my problem. My next hill was Aureus Bright bronze, Cindy’s product.