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New adventures in silver clay

Greetings! We first engaged our curiosity about silver clay many years ago, making pieces that prompted our lovely, perennial customers at the Mary Queen Christmas Bazaar to call us “the next James Avery.”  We have always loved working in other media as well, while keeping the fires burning for metal clay. Now that our kids are grown we want to step up our creative trek and have gone back to this familiar medium, taking new paths for ourselves with it, and teaching others what we have found.
I want to share some of our newest pieces in silver clay. Below are two fine silver cross pendants, one (left) with a deep blue cubic zirconia faceted stone and the other a garnet cabochon. The design comes from an old shell-cut earring that came to me from Grandmother and inspiration came from a mold-making class I taught at Two Loose Beads. I made a mold of each earring then added my own touches to the pieces. The shell is pictured at right (with blue tape on the back); at far right the cross is dry and ready to be fired.  
Lisa recently made the beautiful dome below in my class on semi-hollow forms. (Yay, success!…though she is already very accomplished in this medium.) 

I love the vintage quality she created with the rose texture and the added embellishments. 

And everyone is delighted with the hidden flower!
Next is a fun pair of earrings, the third pair I’ve made. All is fine silver excepting sterling earwires and ball end wires on the bottom. The stone is a faceted pale lavender cubic zirconia. The inspiration came from playing with syringe clay and an ongoing attachment to the celestial. Currently I am working on my own dome pendant (coming soon!) and next month will be expanding into bronze clays in the classes. We will be making a pair of earrings to kick things off! More on that soon, plus lots of jewelry to come! Thanks for having a look. Shauna

Please find more information on these pieces on Instagram at alonestarjewelry and/or twoloosebeads, or on our Facebook at Alone Star Jewelry. We are taking orders, so contact us! 


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  • Shauna

    I’ll post photos of 3 new crosses by the end of this next week (today is 10/23), commissioned through Lisa’s store, Two Loose Beads (formerly Beadoholique, Houston).