Welcome to Alone Star Jewelry! We are sisters Lisa Kirkeby and Shauna Sopel, and we invite you to browse our selections of original designs handmade by us in silver, bronze, beads, and various stones and other materials.

In 2004, Lisa decided she wanted to leave a creative legacy for her sons that followed the example of our father. Dad was an artist who didn’t have a lot of time to create, but he taught himself to silversmith, and made conches, belt buckles, and rings. He also worked in iron and wood.

After looking at a notebook of drawings Lisa compiled, and wanting something for my hands to do, too, I jumped in with her. Lisa was starting from scratch with jewelry but she had designed and sewn clothes for years. I’d learned silversmithing in college, and Dad left us all his tools. My husband gave us our name, and Alone Star Jewelry was born.

We hope you enjoy our creations and thank you for visiting.

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