Tools & Supplies for Upcoming Classes

Tool images for Beadoholique Bead Shop February jewelry class

Welcome! This articles shows images of some tools required for this upcoming class in February, in which participants will make a sterling silver pendant “with a twist”. I’m hoping posts like this will help with questions about the tools and supply list for the class. Contact information regarding such questions can be found below. Thanks for looking.

The wooden tools on the left are the dapping block and ball that I use for shaping small parts. Metal dapping tools will also work; I like the wood because it is less punishing than metal when working on smaller, delicate pieces. The white dish is ceramic. Since we’ll be dropping very hot metal into water, glass or ceramic containers work best. Size doesn’t matter.
This pair of looping pliers (13-20mm graduated barrels) can be used to create the gentle curve shown. Soft jaw pliers will also work, and you can bend the wire over a ring mandrel using either your fingers or more usually, a small rawhide mallet.

These center punches are of two varieties. We’ll be using the one on the left that is used with a hammer. The one on the right is automatic and packs a strong punch, making it inappropriate for the small pieces in this project.

Short and definitely sweet! I may post additions to this list before the class on Saturday, February 10. For questions, more information and/or signup, call 832-674-9005. The class description and supply list can be viewed at by clicking here.