Alone Star Jewelry

Faux Bone

Here is a photo of my first endeavor with faux bone. This material is a plastic–some on the net say (with disdain?) that it is a pvc material–that I found easy to carve once I got down to the detail. I have not carved actual bone so can’t compare the two. The most difficult part about cutting this plate was grinding down the level surrounding our star with swirl logo, to create relief. A variety of small burs and my Foredom made the rest a pleasurable experience, even getting into that swirled line, once I got a feel for the density of the material. The color consists of a layer of black acrylic paint covered with brown shoe polish. The corners gave me the opportunity to practice putting in rivets: you can see Robert Dancik demo this at the embedded link–this is the first in about 3 videos that explain a simple process for rivets. I used silver, but copper would look very nice as it tarnishes. A simple expoxy job and voila–my card case for my Alone Star Jewelry business cards renewed…

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