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Shell Drop necklace on eBay

This beautiful, handcrafted necklace is currently featured in one of our auctions on eBay. What a wonderful opportunity to get an Alone Star original piece of jewelry at a great price!

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  • Lisa

    We have a new pair of shell earrings at the site. I don’t know why shells have been the thing lately; I guess since I moved to the coastal area a year ago it’s become more a part of me. I get a big thrill walking through the Wal-Mart parking lot and hearing seagulls. Just didn’t happen in central Texas! Anyway the new earrings are featured on the home page but the photo isn’t good so I will try to replace it soon. There is one more ocean theme piece coming soon–a bracelet that will complement the earrings and necklaces. Here’s to a wave and a pelican!

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