Alone Star Jewelry

Leaf Drop Earrings

As promised earlier, here is a picture of the shorter Leaf Drop earrings, made from a bronze leaf disk that was formed from my own design mold. We sold several pair of the longer version at the recent Galveston show, but many asked about making them shorter, so here is what that looks like. My mother-in-law, at about 5′ in height, never wears earrings that dip even 1/2-inch below her lobe! Lisa will make one of her professional-looking shots very soon and these will be placed on the site aside the long version, seen below. The wire is sterling, as is the connecting bead and earwire.

Here is another something new, Longhorn earrings. I had 2 pair at the Mary Queen bazaar and sold both; one to a woman who owns a longhorn ranch in the hill country. I have only a drawing to post here, since I foolishly failed to photograph them–which tells you how hot off the bench they were. I am going to make more very soon. They measure just over an inch at the widest, and the longhorn diamond shape swings freely inside. The design on the outside diamond is oxidized. It may seem hokey to put up a drawing, but I have ulterior motives. I will always remember the wise words of an old friend: “If you want to get something done, tell someone you are going to do it.” Thus you are bound to the task! I wouldn’t like waiting too much longer to get my new plans completed and on the website. It is not easy to get cranked up again after Christmas, hard as it is just to get back into the regular routines of working and caring for house & home, much less a “second job”.

Here, too, are a couple of shots from the Bazaar, since we always like to publicize our shows. We had a great show here this year, best ever for us at MQ. Very happy about that.

Take care & Ciao!