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Papoose Update

Let the weaving begin! This part took patience.
I have made progress on the papoose pendants. Other projects have distracted me, but hopefully I will persevere and get these finished very soon. One is farther along than the other, because I like the woven part better (below). It is made from copper wire that was textured as it passed through the rolling mill. At right is a photo of the beginning of the weaving process.
Right: 18-gauge copper wire was passed through the rolling mill, with various textured plastic and metal sheets on top to vary the surfaces. Below, the “scarf” around the face displays a texture also achieved using the rolling mill. The two small holes seen at the top are part of the cold connection I will use to assemble the piece.

The face is not yet painted and the bezel is untrimmed,
What remains to finish this piece includes trimming and filing the back piece around the bezel, forming and inserting a bail in the top, epoxying the body into the bezel then making the cold connections, and painting the face.

This component (left) is the beginning of a “crown” piece that will pass through the two upper scarf holes for part of the cold connection. This piece has since been scalloped, filed and polished, so I think it will look good, tying in the polished edges of the back piece with the front. I plan to work some silver decoration into the lower scarf area, for color more contrast than in just the face.

Until next time!