Alone Star Jewelry

Texas Flag with Alone Star Twist

I wanted to share with you my latest creation. This is, by far, my favorite pendant of the season! The design for this pendant is our great Texas flag and my goal was to create a pendant that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. So many Texas jewelry pieces look the same and we really try to keep our designs fresh and different. I used texture to make the sections of the flag stand out and borrowed the Alone Star shape for the star, setting a blue topaz right in the center. Blue topaz is the State stone so that part was easy! The pendant is gently curved from top to bottom so that it presents itself beautifully and catches just enough light to draw attention. A minimal patina was used to make the texture stand out and then I completed it with a matte finish, front and back. A curved tube bail was used for the sterling silver snake chain to glide through and a sterling lobster clasp secures it around your neck. The overall length of the necklace is just shy of 24″. There are only two of these beauties in stock so hurry before they are snapped up!

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