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On the Bench….again

Greetings! This is me in my little studio. I have a guest bedroom in my house that’s been converted, much to the chagrin of the visiting members of family. Here is one side of it…
                                                          I love that room. 

Last post I tacked up a drawing of this pendant….here it is with the unpainted face, unsecured cab and unfinished and unpolished setting. It’s just “un” as this point.

But….things are looking up! More work was accomplished on the setting, and I began the polish and the back work. Yes, I have another job that has been kicking me around lately…so despite things looking up, they are looking up slowly.


I added more wire to surround the bezel, in addition to a wire bail.

 The back looks a little too “cookie cutter” for me, so more exploration is due here. I have not worked with mica previously, the source of that shine. I will accomplish that today.

Last, I added some paint to the polymer face, but just base layers. I will put up a photo later today when it is finished. That’s all for now from the bench, from my NEW bench, that is, thanks to my little sister, Lisa! I will put up a photo of that later, also…