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ARToberFEST is this weekend!

We are burning the midnight oil getting ready for ARToberFEST on the 17th and 18th! It’s great to be down in Galveston–an important historical town in Texas, and there’s nothing like being at the Gulf! I anticipate meeting the artists who will be on either side of us–an inevitable and pleasant aspect of doing these shows. Last ARToberFEST we met Becci King and Kathy Spanier, very nice people to say the least. We traded with Kathy for some of her beautiful watercolors. Best news of all though is that it’s supposed to be SUNNY! We have had buckets of rain lately–yesterday I thought the curbs might wash away but the local forecast is looking up as the week works itself out. HOOK ‘EM HORNS! BEAT THE SOONERS!

I make the Indian Head Nickel bracelets but this time will offer several with the Buffalo side of the coin showing. Last night I put two on a deep red-maroon dyed leather that is quite stout. Lovely with the silver. Several other kinds will be available at the show; these bracelets are popular. I wear mine all the time and love how leather ages, softening and conforming to your body. Plus, silver and especially bronze, as I learned with these new earrings– look wonderful on leather (http://www.alonestarjewelry.com/proddetail.asp?prod=EBHOL01&cat=26

I am working on a design for a “Lonesome Dove” bracelet along the same lines. The Indian/Buffalo nickels are one of the very few items (outside of sterling chains and clasps, etc.) that we purchase from a supply house, since we make 99% of our metal components in our studios. You can look at the bracelets here: http://www.alonestarjewelry.com/proddetail.asp?prod=BIHN01&cat=26

We have several new pieces for the show, so come and visit us! I was up at 5am this morning in anticipation, so it’s off to the studio for a little bronze sanding until it’s time to get my 10-year-old off to school!

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