Alone Star Jewelry


Good evening. I have “finished” these earrings, bronze with chrysoprase and moonstones. They are the bronze domes I showed in a recent post, just fired with the three holes in each. I think these earrings are prettier with all three stones green, but these will stay as they are unless something else occurs to me, which is possible since I am not settled with them.
We are going to start making our own earwires, one pair shown with the earrings. We each got a set of cup burs, which work great for quickly filing the ends of the wire for a comfortable fit. Sometimes finishing afterward with a file is necessary, but it’s just a few swipes and usually you’re done. Needless to say the cup burs will become one of my favorite tools; now I can see myself sitting down and giving an hour to making a bunch of earwires. Before, filing the wire ends to a smooth rounded end was very tedious, at least for me.
I just got some more BronzClay, the only brand I have used. We have some of Hadar Jacobson’s bronze powder which I plan to test, but later. I’m going to make more of the leaf disk seen here, seen in earrings on the website, and make some new, shorter earrings with it (by request!), then perhaps play around with making a necklace using the same mold, just manipulated for a different result.
I have another pair of sterling wire earrings on the bench; they also have chrysoprase cabs in them. I love the color of this stone.
Hook ’em Horns!