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On the Bench

I like to sketch faces and also sculpt them from polymer clay. I have been working on a pendant the last few days, my usual format for presentation of faces. I thought I would share what I have been doing on this new project. I’ve been making face pendants around two years now….as time allows.

I tend to sketch until I draw something interesting…then I pull out the clay. Sometimes the end result resembles the sketch, but usually it doesn’t and that may not be important. Drawing all the time is important. Here is the face that will go in the pendant, unpainted but otherwise finished.

The faces take a good chunk of time to finish. I love the process of starting them and seeing how they end. 
Once it is time to design the setting, I may take a photo and duplicate it on a photocopy if I’m in the mood to play with Photoshop, then sketch around them with different designs. I didn’t do that for this one. In my next post, see if I stick to my original design! 

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