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I Love Turquoise …

Yes, it’s true that I love turquoise, but it’s more than that. I get swept away by the blues and greens that remind me of the ocean. To me they are happy colors and they just draw me in! I try hard to work with a range of colors but always seem to come back to these.

These Kingman turquoise cabs are a stunning matched set! I’ve had them for a while and just yesterday they popped into my head so I went and dug them out and started drawing. I had, at that moment, decided in my head what to do with them.

That’s how it works for me. I buy stones and they may sit for a day or a year but, eventually, a design pops into my head and I sit down and make them! I hope to finish these soon but the bead shop is keeping me quite busy right now.

There will be fine silver balls in graduated sizes below the larger stones with the smaller accent cabs at the bottom. The design may change a little but it will be very similar to the drawing.

Now, in the next picture we have pieces of sand dollars that Shauna brought back from her last beach trip. We have a whole tray of these shards and most of them are quite inspiring!

I drilled out seats for the bezel cups and on the one on the right, a hole for a bail to go through. They will be set in sterling silver, although, that part hasn’t been cemented in my mind yet. I also have not decided what stones I will set in these or if I will simply color some resin and fill them with that. And, of course, there will be more decisions on what materials to use to make them into necklaces. So, these are very much still a work in progress! We both love to work with natural materials and I just love these sand dollar shards! Thanks Shauna!