Alone Star Jewelry
Flower Bell Earrings in Bronze & Sterling
It is almost back to nature for spring time! At least in Texas…..
Simple and pretty little bronze bells hang from hammered sterling silver loops in these handmade earrings. Bell flowers are made from bronze clay and crafted by Alone Star Jewelry. Sterling silver wire is hammered ’round the loop except where the flower hangs. Sterling ear wires on top.
A perfect springtime pair of earrings with a natural look! Inspired by lily of the valley flowers that come early in springtime in my back yard, don’t they also look like tulips..?..
Photos show dimensions; the loop measures approximately 1.13″ and the earring’s total length top to bottom is about 1.88″. Little bell flower has a nice thickness to it, but is not heavy at all because it is hollow.
Thanks for looking!
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